Having the Wrong Cushions Can Affect Your Health

Many small habits contribute to your overall health. From your daily exercise routine to the type of cushions you use, details matter when it comes to living a happy, healthy life. Something as seemingly trivial as the cushions you use can still affect your body in ways that you may not foresee. Having the right cushions is crucial for having proper circulation, digestion, and posture.

The human body is designed to be in motion. This is why exercise is so mentally and physically beneficial. Though we may need to sit or lie down while at rest, sitting is actually an unnatural position because of how it compresses your body. If you’re not receiving adequate support from your cushions, you may experience pain in your lower body and tailbone because of too much compression. Furthermore, compression can hinder circulation and digestion, since those functions are also tied to your lower body.

Circulation and digestion are essential to daily living. Hindering these functions can reduce your quality of life. A compressed circulatory system can result in more pain, fatigue, and increased susceptibility to cardiovascular disease. A compressed digestive system can increase your susceptibility to digestive issues such as obesity and constipation. While there is no substitute for an active lifestyle and frequent standing, you can reduce unhealthy pressure by using a good foam cushion.

The right foam cushion provides a good mix of comfort and support. If it is too soft or flat for your body, you may need to get replacement cushions that suit your needs better. If you have used the seam cushions for a long time, they may have become uneven and misshapen. No matter how high-quality a cushion is, it won’t last forever. This is why it is crucial to replace your foam cushions once you are noticing discomfort or pain after prolonged sitting.

Retailers such as The Foam Factory allow customers to order custom cushions cut according to their specifications. If you need a specific shape or measurement for your cushion, you can contact the experts at The Foam Factory to create your own cushion design. You can also choose cushion materials based on density or hardness. These materials provide different advantages such as lasting longer or being more comfortable. Be sure to do your research before ordering a replacement cushion for the best results.