Why teens should never take diet pills

Article provided by Dr. Felix Rippy

Teenagers today have pressure from their peers and social media to embody a perfect life that includes beauty, brains and social status. Therefore, many teens are turning to diet pills for quick weight loss results. Here are some of the dangers of consuming diet pills.

  1. Eating habits – Teenagers will often be reluctant to choose healthy options especially if their friends are eating unhealthy foods. In these instances, diet pills can seem like the only option for teens, who want to lose weight. However, taking diet pills will not help a teenager learn to choose healthy foods that will help them maintain a healthy weight.
  2. The risk of overdosing – Diet pills contain ingredients that are often not tested or regulated, therefore if an overdose occurs, the permanent damage can be serious and in some cases, life-threatening.
  3. Secret Ingredients – The ingredients in diet pills can vary from herbal ingredients to chemical ingredients that can cause harm if taken in large doses. Most often diet pills will increase bowel movements and suppress appetite. Diet pills have also been known to cause an increase in heart rates, dizziness and in some cases seizures and strokes. Although the FDA investigates most of the brands in the market, there can be companies that still include dangerous ingredients in their products.

If you know your teenagers is taking diet pills to manage their weight, it is best to enroll them in a program that will help them understand the importance of a healthy diet and how a change in lifestyle can achieve long lasting weight loss.Save