What to do if you get food poisoning on vacation

Food poisoning can be a nightmare for a vacation, and it can ruin your whole stay. Food poisoning is the discomfort or illness caused by eating food or drinks that are contaminated. It can cause stomach cramps, vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, dehydration or even worse kidney damage.

Get over-the-counter drugs

When these symptoms first start, get –over-the-counter medicine like Imodium or Pepto-Bismol but will the help of a pharmacist. This will help with diarrhea and nausea

Rehydrate your body

Dehydration is a major issue in case of food poisoning as you lose a lot of fluids. Take a lot of water and minerals that will restore the fluids in your body.

Avoid Alcohol and spicy foods

When having these stomach discomforts, avoid taking in anything that causes an irritation to your intestines. These included coffee, tea, greasy foods and any alcohol. Stick with bland foods like soups and crackers.

Avoid moving around

As much as you are out for vacation, avoid tiring activities or moving around when you have food poisoning. Take enough rest.

Seek medical help

It is important to seek medical help form a doctor especially if you have other existing health issues, you are elderly or if the person affected is a young toddler. The Doctor’s diagnosis proof matters.

It’s advisable to get a short-term international medical insurance policy that will cover you in the area you travel to. This is relatively affordable considering the cost that you would incur overseas without it.

Blog submitted by Dev Randhawa, a US-born travel blogger who publishes tips for full-time travelers to live independently anywhere in the world.