What Is Expected From A Medical Laboratory Technician?

The career opportunities in the field of Medical Laboratory Technician is expected to grow more rapidly as compared to the average and have better job prospects in the near future. But, before deciding to jump into such career field, you must be able to answer to the question “What is the actual job of a medical laboratory technician?”

Though the answer to such question may vary in some way depending upon the location of the employment, the primary answer will be that they perform laboratory procedures as well as tests.

In general, a Medical Laboratory Technician completes a associates degree or certificate program in which they learn the essential skills which are required for the job. Few also take an examination in order to become certified, that makes it clear to the employers that they’ve the essential knowledge and skills to do the job well while making it in such a way that they’ll have an easy time finding the positions.

A bit of their training also includes knowing how to keep themselves as well as others safe while testing the samples which have the possible chances of being contaminated with viral diseases. If they are aware and follow the right precautions, this job can be considered to be very safe in-spite of few of the samples containing infectious components.

What tasks does a medical laboratory technician have to perform as part of their job?

They make samples of blood and similar body fluids for analyzing and testing and performing few of the easy automated tests, in addition to few of the manual tests while following specific guidelines.

Such tests may include the tests for drugs, abnormalities, blood type, parasites, bacteria, chemicals and microorganisms in the specimens. Majority of the real analysis of the results are usually performed by the Laboratory Managers or Technologists, though extra simple analysis can be performed by a Technician in special cases.

In general medical laboratory technician work with various types of equipment in order to analyze specimens which they are given. Some of this include cell counters, microscopes, plenty of computer and automated tools which can do plenty of distinct examinations at the same time. Day by day, this field is becoming more and more computerized and automated, resulting the job to become more regarding inspecting the results.

Medical Laboratory Experts normally work under the guidance of Medical Lab Technologists and carry out less complex analysis and tests as their training period is less as compared to the Technologists.