Useful Root Canal Surgery Information

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Surgeries of the root canal are delicate procedures that require absolute care and concentration from the dentist. When treating the root canal, the pulp-filled cavity that is located at the root of the tooth is removed from the jaw. Since this particular part of the mouth can be the cause of inflammations or even infections, this procedure allows the dentist to clean and disinfect the concerned areas. The cavity formed after the removal of root canal is the filled and the tooth is restored. The most common error occurring during this process is overfilling. Overfilling a cavity can give rise to various issues.

A root canal overfill means that the excess material used in the filling can reach the main nerve of the jaw. Since these fillings are powerful chemicals, they can also lead to chemical burns. Patients who with overfilled tooth cavities will experience persistent pain in the mouth and a feeling of numbness.

In some cases, the dental surgeons use filling pastes made out of paraformaldehyde. This component in root canal filling has not received any FDA approval. These type of filling pastes can cause the sense to be mummified. In cases of overfilling, the dental surgeon would need to act fast. A decompression surgery needs to be carried out within 48 hours in order to avoid permanent deteriorations such as necrosis of the senses or chemical toxicity.

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