Types of dental malpractice

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Every year, thousands of people become victims of dental malpractices. As per a survey carried out by the American Board of Legal Medicine, dental malpractice claim represents over 13 percent of the total professional malpractice claims figure. While each state has set its own set of laws regarding the duties that dentists have towards their patients, all professionals have the legal obligation to provide a good quality care. Patients who have been injured or suffered from detrimental effects, such as a dental implant injury as a result of a procedure, have the right to seek legal solutions.

Dental malpractices that might constitute of a valid ground for a claim are numerous. For instance, patients that are victim to any wrongfully administered anesthesia or anesthesia injuries may file a complaint. Other situations such as infections resulting from unsterilized equipment or any failure in the diagnosis and timely treatment of diseases might result in a claim. In some cases, any unwarranted delay in administering treatment, a wrongful diagnosis or any needless tooth extraction might constitute of a dental malpractice.

Legal remedy would start by seeking the guidance of dental malpractice lawyer to determine whether there is enough ground to file a complaint. The malpractice lawyer would study your case and guide you on how to proceed with the complaint. The complaint would then be filed and if required, a lawsuit would follow. The malpractice lawyer would also provide you with support and prepare you for any questions that might be asked during any eventual lawsuit.