The Remarkable Oligo

Written by: The Midland Certified Reagent Company

Oligos have had a major impact on the world of science.

The process of oligonucleotide synthesis is fairly simple but its’ implications go beyond the realms of science. Often used in a laboratory setting, oligos have been utilized in medicine, biomedicine, and other fields because of their remarkable capabilities. Here are some examples that explain the values of these oligos

Custom Oligos

Custom oligos are valuable in that they bind to the regions of DNA during DNA synthesis and are complementary to the entire sequence as well. This gives the oligonucleotide sequence variety and flexibility when working with it. Many custom oligos are prepared in a laboratory setting and modified to the specific purpose it was meant for.

Oligo Synthesis

Custom oligo synthesis sequences allow other sequences to work with the desired nucleotide. This versatility has led scientists to utilize the full capabilities of the oligonucleotides. Note that custom oligonucleotides are typically 10-20 bases in length. These bases function by limiting the amount of additional sequences to be added during the sequence of the primer.

The Bottom Line

Oligonucleotides continue to be a useful applicant in the laboratory setting. With technology continuously developing new methods of utilizing these oligos, the sky is the limit when it comes to research. Whether it be for medical or for bioscience purposes, these oligos will continue to play an integral role in the research field. Custom oligonucleotides will be further developed and new roles will be assigned that will advance their typical functions.