Surprising Mistakes When Purchasing Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are designed to help you live with sharp vision. One of the keys to maintaining this sharp vision with lenses is to be certain that the lenses you purchase are as accurate and effective as possible.

Using an Old Prescription

Over time your vision will start to change. While you might not notice changes on a daily basis, your vision can drastically change over the course of a year. Regular eyeglasses or acuvue air optix lens usage can actually make your eyes more dependent on external aid for vision correction, ultimately making your natural vision weaker. This is exactly why it is important to only order lenses that have your current prescription.

Stores are legally obligated to only accept recent prescriptions. Even if a smaller vendor may accept a prescription you received from a doctor years ago, you would be doing yourself a disservice by using them. Even if you believe your natural vision has not changed much since your last visit, a quick checkup with your doctor would be worth your time and money.

Working With Non-Medical Providers

Doing business with vendors that are non-reputable or do not commonly supply prescription lenses can be a big mistake. Costume businesses, for instance, may sell colored lenses as an accessory. These lenses are not designed for corrective use and may actually damage your vision, if used for extended periods of time. Do some research and look for larger, more reputable companies like that can supply you with high quality lenses at an affordable price.