Are Your Sofa Cushions Causing Allergic Reactions?

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In addition to being lumpy and uneven, many old sofa cushions also carry a different problem. They may be home to thousands of common invisible household pests. Dust mites often congregate in areas that have gathered house dust. Over time, these microscopic creatures will leave droppings that may leave you coughing and sneezing.

Dust mites are invisible to the naked eye, but they exist in large quantities inside many American homes. According to the American Lung Association, they appear more often in humid regions, rather than drier regions like the desert. They feed on dead human skin cells that are often found in clumps of dust. Although dust mites are not parasites that live inside our bodies, many people are allergic to their feces. This is detrimental for people with severe asthma who suffer asthma attacks in the presence of allergens.

Regular cleaning can prevent dust mites from building up inside sofa cushions, but if you haven’t cleaned your sofa cushions in a long time, they may be home to many dust particles and the dust mites they attract. One easy way to eliminate allergens is by starting fresh with brand new sofa cushions.

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