Root Canal Procedures

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Surgeries of the root canal are one of the most intricate dental procedures and they require considerable amount of care from the dental practitioner. The treatment of the root canal consists of the removal of the pulp of the dental cavity that is located at the base of the tooth. The intricacy of the operation revolves around the fact that this part of the mouth can be easily subject to infections and inflammations. This procedure has as aim the cleaning and disinfecting of this particular vulnerable part. The cavity formed from the procedure is then sealed and either the tooth is restored with a crown or a filling is applied. Procedure errors such as overfilling might be detrimental of the patient’s health in the long run. Patients could indeed suffer from lifelong pain and even some permanent damages.

Root canal overfill happens when excess filling materials are used in the cavity and these affect the main jaw nerve and thus leads to chemical burns. Some common symptoms of overfilling are numb lips or numb tongue and pain in the chin area. Moreover, some filling pastes that are used by surgeons are made up of paraformaldehyde and this substance has not been approved by the FDA. These pastes have often been attributed to causing “mummified” nerves. In case of overfilling, a surgery would need to be carried out to decompress the damage in the best delays to avoid permanent side effects such as chemical toxicity and necrosis. consists of legal professionals who have experience on dealing with various malpractice cases including root canal overfill cases.