Are Regular Eye Exams Important?

Whether you wear contacts and glasses or not, regular eye exams are important. Our eyes are so much a part of our lives that we don’t even think about them. It’s easy to take your vision for granted. But lots of different things can happen that affect our vision and eye health over the years.

How Aging Affects Our Vision

Aging is one of the main life events that can affect vision. As we age, things may look a little blurry. It’s very common for people over 50 to need reading glasses. If you work in certain industries, this can be especially hard on your eyes. You may work in a place where you must look at multiple monitor screens all day long. This can cause your eyes to get fatigued. You may find yourself turning away from the screens or closing your eyes throughout the day.

These are just a few reasons why you may need to see an eye doctor. He or she will check your vision and make sure your eyes are completely healthy. You may need special eye drops to moisturize your eyes and prevent them from being tired, itchy or strained.

How Often Do Contact Lens Wearers Need to go to the Eye Doctor?

Those who wear contact lenses may have special eye problems that require regular visits to the optician. Over a period of time, your favorite contact lenses may suddenly stop working for you. Though our bodies are amazing, they do change as the years roll by.

There are a few other reasons why your health and eyes might change suddenly, such as getting a new job or moving to a new area. The culprit could be anything from stress to higher pollen counts. As soon as you’re settled, make an appointment to see an eye doctor.

Your eye doctor can give you a thorough eye exam to rule out any type of eye problems that might be serious. If you’ve noticed problems with your vision, it could be something simple. You may need to get more sleep or change your diet. For contact lens wearers, you may need to try a new brand of lenses or drops.

Changes in Lifestyle

In most cases, your eye problems will wind up being something simple that relates back to your diet or lifestyle. But it’s still important to find out so you can know for sure.