Red Meat Might be Linked to Cancer

Red meat might be linked to causing cancer as it contains a particular chemical that clashes with the human body. Studies have previously linked the consumption of red meat to a series of cancers especially prostate, breast, lung, ovarian and colorectal. Researchers have now been able to determine the exact molecule responsible for this and it is a form of sugar molecule. Named Neu5Gc, the molecule is mostly found in meats such as pork, beef and lamb.

When consumed by the human, the body perceived the substance as a foreign one and thus the immune system comes into play to attack it. This attack leads to various inflammations in the body and over some time the inflammations lead to the formation of tumors.

This same process would be reiterated when products such as whole milk, some cheeses and fish eggs are consumed by the human. All these food elements also contain the same Neu5Gc molecule. This molecule is naturally generated by the body of most mammals but is absent from the human body. This would explain why humans tend to be at risk of cancer while other carnivore mammals are not exposed to that risk.

This research has brought divergent conclusions from the previously theories that linked cancer to the consumption of red meat. It was previously believed that cancer was associated with red meat due to the carcinogenic chemicals generated in the grilling process. However, white meat also generated the same carcinogenic chemicals but they were not associated with cancer risks. Now scientists are able to explain this difference and it is due to Neu5Gc.