Reasons to Undergo Vaginal Plastic Surgery

Today, more and more women are choosing to undergo plastic surgery. The vaginal rejuvenation Michigan offers these treatments that aim to do cosmetic improvements to the vagina and labia’s appearance. Previously, the main reason for undergoing these surgeries is to correct genital defects and other discomforts caused by aging and childbirth, today, however, some women choose to undergo this treatment to elevate sexual gratification as well as to look and feel younger.

In the United States, a large percentage of women suffer from pelvic or vaginal relaxation wherein these women develop poor bowel habits and urinary incontinence, this is due to the lack of strength and support for the pelvic organs which may lead to advanced cases. Laughing, sneezing, doing sports or even sexual activities are some examples when an individual suffering from pelvic or vaginal relaxation losses urine. In some cases, these surgeries are considered as “cosmetic” surgery due to the fact that it only enhances the appearance but do not contribute to enhancing its functionality.  Such procedures are done under a local anesthesia to an out-patient manner which may last for about an hour or two.

Vaginal plastic surgery is still a very delicate topic as it has garnered a mix of reactions from different parts of the world. Though some says that these are mainly for cosmetology purposes, we cannot deny that one of its main benefits is to cure uterine prolapse. For more information about these procedures, you may find more information at sites like