Protecting Your Body in Winter

Article written by Weight Gone Now

Winter is a season that is notoriously known to pose some difficulties to the mind and body. Several ailments of different gravity might be felt during this season. These range from heart attacks to flus. Other common problems are itchy and dry skins, sore joints and the mind is also affected by seasonal depression. The health tips below might be helpful in protecting yourself during the harsh season.

Heart problems

Surveys have found that the amount of death caused by heart issues is higher in winter than in other season. The drops in temperature might cause the constriction of blood vessels in the body leading to a hindered circulation. The misuse of over-the-counter medications might also cause a rise in blood pressure. In order to avoid all these complications, a solution would be to get a flu shot. You might also think about taking prescription meds and keeping track of your blood pressure level. You can also keep a phone handy in case you would need to contact 911.

Achy muscles and joints

People with chronic pain report feeling for distressed in cold and damp weather. Changes in barometric pressure and the level of humidity might be attributed to this. The hunching and muscle tightening as a result of the cold can also trigger pains. Heating pads and painkillers might help you to relieve the pain in such situations.

Colds and flu

The viruses leading to colds and flus are present throughout the year equally. However these tend to be more active during winter probably because they thrive in dry air. Indoor crowding might also be attributed to this. Flu shots and precautionary measures can be effective in preventing you from catching the cold.