How Often Should You Change Your Seat Cushions?

Blog provided by The Foam Factory

Are you aware of how your foam seat cushions have changed after a decade of daily use? Though seat cushions are designed to support the average human’s weight, no material or object lasts forever. After many years, cushion material begins to break down and become uneven, misshapen, and uncomfortable. This can result in several negative effects on your health.

Sitting naturally exerts an unhealthy amount of pressure on your abdomen and lower body. This can cause stiffness, aches, and pains in your hips and back. It can also interfere with digestion and blood circulation, increasing your risk for digestive issues, heart disease, and other health issues. Using a seat cushion can mitigate some of that pressure, resulting in a healthier sitting experience.

However, when your seat cushions have become flat and deformed, they will not be able to distribute your weight evenly. For the best health benefits, make sure to replace your seat cushions when they begin to feel old and uncomfortable. Of course, there is no substitute for living a healthy, active lifestyle and taking regular standing breaks during long working or sitting hours. Make sure you adopt healthy lifestyle practices in addition to using a good seat cushion.

Also, if you have a bad back, an old cushion may cause pain and discomfort due to its inability to keep your spine aligned and promote good posture. Old cushions may tempt you to slouch, which can result in back/neck pain, spine curvature, and even weight gain if done regularly. The right type of cushion should adequately support your coccyx/tailbone and the lumbar region of your spine. Buying a pre-made cushion is a reasonable replacement for old, saggy seat cushions, but most cushion manufacturers may not know your specific needs and measurements.

If you are unsatisfied with your new seat cushions, you may want to get custom-cut foam cushions from a manufacturer like The Foam Factory. The experts at The Foam Factory can design and produce a cushion made according to your exact measurements and specifications. Contact them today for more details.