How to keep your family’s teeth healthy

Article written by Elite Dental Group.

Improving your family’s at-home dental care regime can help to improve their dental health and reduce the need for dental appointments. Healthier teeth can also mean reduced costs and the opportunity to enjoy healthy strong teeth for life.

Here are some of the most effective ways to improve your family’s dental health.

Limit sugar and starch – Focusing on a varied diet that is full of whole foods can help to reduce inflammation in the entire body and protect teeth against decay.

Drink water and avoid sodas and juices – Staying hydrated will help your teeth stay healthy as it reduces the levels of bacteria and helps saliva production. Sodas and juices are known to damage teeth enamel as they are high in sugar and can be consumed in large quantities.

Be mindful of any habits that can damage teeth – Eating ice, biting nails, eating sticky high sugar foods, or using harsh teeth whitening treatments can damage healthy teeth.

Get adequate levels of calcium and vitamin D – Calcium and vitamin D are known to play an important role in dental and bone health. Consuming these nutrients naturally offers the most absorption. Consider drinking plain milk and adding calcium-rich foods to your diet. Outdoor time can be the best way to increase vitamin D levels, therefore include outdoor exercise and outdoor play into your family’s daily schedule.

Brush and floss daily – Make sure your entire family brushes and flosses their teeth twice daily using soft-bristled toothbrushes. Include tongue brushing into their dental routine as it is a great way to freshen breath and reduce bacteria levels in the mouth.

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