Is it really worth it to take the party drug called Ecstasy?

It has been called several names. Its users and even law enforcement officers call it E, Molly, Ecstasy, and a whole lot more terminologies that would trick unaware people from knowing that users are talking about illegal or regulated drugs. Essentially, Ecstasy is actually called MDMA or Methylene di methamphetamine. It’s called a party drug because it actually induces your body to produce chemicals responsible for making you feel happy or ecstatic – hence the name ecstasy. Sure, you may read or hear about testimonials of people who have used it that taking just one pill would make you the happiest person in the world even for just one night. However, what they don’t tell you are its side effects. Besides feeling euphoric and blissful, it will also heighten your paranoia if you take the drug and you don’t feel happy prior to it. This will result to you having a very bad time. And besides the contrasting effects of the drug, you will find that people who take the drug have trouble sleeping, or find that they keep grinding their teeth the entire time the drug is doing its thing. And on a scientific note, the consequential effect of having your body induce the production of chemicals making you happy, this means that your body would be depleted of this chemical the next day, leaving you feeling depressed and lonely – and this is just the short term effects to it. Scientists are of the opinion that MDMA would lead to rapid death of brain cells.