Introducing SENSA® Advanced

Written by SENSA®

Discover the new and improved SENSA® — SENSA® Advanced.

Few weight-loss systems compare to SENSA®, an easy-to-use system that allows users to lose weight without restrictions or deprivation. To lose weight, users need to shake SENSA® on everything they eat and enjoy the foods they would normally eat. How is this possible? The original formula consists of a patented flavor combination that uses science and the sense of smell to help users lose weight. Sound good? It is. And now, thanks to the makers of the system, the product is even better than before. It’s advanced. The SENSA Weight-Loss System has been around for years, and now the original formula has been given an upgrade. Here’s a look at the new dual-action formula of SENSA® Advanced.

Original SENSA®

Over 5 million people have said yes to SENSA®, the biggest weight loss breakthrough of the 21st century. Before we dive into the advanced formula, let’s take a look at the original formula that got so many positive SENSA® reviews. SENSA®’s original formula features a patented combination of natural and artificial flavors. This unique blend is designed to help users overcome the biological urge to overeat. In addition to controlling cravings, this blend helps increase the feeling of fullness and enhance satisfaction of food. As a result of using SENSA®, users report feeling full faster when eating meals, eating less overall, and even snacking less between meals.

The SENSA® Advanced Difference

So what’s so different about SENSA® Advanced? While the original formula was great, the makers decided to make it even better. SENSA® Advanced does more for the body than the original product. In addition to controlling cravings, increasing the feeling of fullness, and enhancing the satisfaction of food, SENSA® Advanced helps support a healthy metabolism and metabolizes fats and carbohydrates. How? It features a new, key ingredient that makes all the difference.

The Key Ingredient

What makes SENSA® Advanced so different from the original SENSA® is the key ingredient chromium. As mentioned above, chromium helps support a healthy metabolism. It also metabolizes fats and carbohydrates. This single ingredient has improved the product and made it even more popular among people who want to lose weight the healthy, safe way.

Is the new formula safe? The answer is yes. Just like the original SENSA®, SENSA® Advanced doesn’t have stimulants, diuretics, or drugs. It also doesn’t have any sugar, fat, sodium, or calories. In fact, it features 100 percent GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) ingredients as published by the FDA.

The SENSA Weight-Loss System is a 6-month program with each month containing a new proprietary blend of sprinkles. There have been few SENSA® complaints compared to many positive reviews.

SENSA® advocates a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and portion control.

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