Hydrogen Peroxide-Based Solutions Vs. Multipurpose Contact Solutions

Summary: Two of the more popular contact solutions each provide their own unique benefits. Here is a breakdown of what you can expect.

All contact lens solutions are not made equally. The brands that are sold at your local drug store are all effective when used properly and have been approved by the FDA. However, there are different types of solutions available that work best with either soft or hard contact lenses.

For any type of contact lens solution to be effective, you need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions that appear on the product label and other instructions that you optometrist provides you with.

Hydrogen Peroxide Contact Solutions

Hydrogen peroxide-based contact solutions are used to thoroughly clean lenses but are not meant to be used without being washed off first. This specialty solutions can be a bit more tedious to use. Practitioners who recommend this solution advise that you first clean your contacts with a separate cleaning solution and rinsing them thoroughly with a sterile saline solution before the disinfecting phase. Thus, it can thoroughly disinfect your contact lenses in a safe manner.

Multipurpose Contact Solutions

Multipurpose contact lens solutions are known as dual-type liquids that can both clean and disinfect your contact lenses in one go. Many contact lens users prefer using this type of solution because it is less expensive and easier to use than the hydrogen peroxide-based alternative. They do not require multiple steps and can still get the job done in terms of cleanliness.

Final Thoughts

When you’re deciding between a multipurpose solution or a hydrogen peroxide-based solution, you need to take your optometrist’s directions into consideration. Regardless of the solution, without handling them the way your eye doctor recommends, you run the risk of irritation or an infection. If you have questions about each solution, look to your optometrist for advice instead of choosing out of convenience.

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