Health benefits of consuming black beans

Black beans are commonly found in Mexican or Asian food. Consuming these beans regularly can yield several health benefits. These benefits are broken down below.

Maintaining healthy bones

Black beans consist of an ideal cocktails of minerals such as phosphorus, iron, magnesium, calcium, copper, manganese and zinc. These contribute to building and maintaining the strength of the bone structure. Iron and zinc are responsible for the strength and elasticity of the bones and joints.

Lowering blood pressure

Keeping the sodium intake in the body at a low level is crucial in keeping the blood pressure low. Black beans have the advantage of naturally having a low sodium content. They also contain magnesium and calcium which contribute to lowering the blood pressure naturally.

Managing diabetes

High fiber diets are beneficial to diabetics. According to a study, a high fiber diet for type 1 diabetics brings a lower blood glucose level. For type 2 diabetics this type of diet brings an improvement in lipids, blood sugar and insulin levels. About one cup of cooked black beans brings 15 grams of fiber to the body. As per Dietary Guidelines for Americans, a woman is required to take 21 to 25 grams of fiber per day while a man requires between 30 to 38 grams per day.

Warding off heart disease

The fiber, potassium, vitamin B6, potassium and phytonutrient contained in black beans are beneficial to maintaining the health of the heart. The fiber also keeps the cholesterol level low which decreases risk of heart diseases.