Have you been a victim of Dental Malpractice

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Dental malpractice is when your dentist provides a level of care that falls below an acceptable level of care. This lack of adherence to standards most often directly leads to serious injuries. There are also cases where negligence on the part of your dentist is grounds for malpractice but has not result in an injury. If you are in any doubt consult a la dental malpractice lawyer and check if your experience falls under dental malpractice.

Dental examining
Dental examining

There are a lot of specific situations that are ground for dental malpractice. One example of malpractice that does not cause serious injury is when a dentist, for whatever reason, does not discuss all available options to the patient. It is your dentists’ duty to give you all options available to you, along with the pros and cons. Although he can make a recommendation, lying by omission is grounds for malpractice.

Root canal overfill, nerve damage, bad use of anesthesia and tooth loss are examples of serious issues resulting from your dentists negligence. These and many more can you leave you in serious pain. In some cases additional procedures might be needed to reverse any damage or restore function. Unless you consider a malpractice claim, these procedures will come out of your pocket.

Always maintain a record of any work undertaken in case any issues are delayed. You might be suffering pain after the procedure and might not connect it to your last dental visit. Any of these either informational or serious issues should be raised with a malpractice lawyer.

If you’ve been injured while under the care of a medical professional, for example such as dental implant nerve injury, Call Dane Levy and get the representation you need right now.