Designer Surgery for Aesthetic Surgical Enhancement

While many women are in need of a makeover, it usually doesn’t involve their private parts. However, a growing number of women are investing in special laser surgery designed to enhance the look and shape of their labial minora (small inner lips) or labia majora (large outer lips), or both.

Many women believe that there is nothing they can do about the shape and look of their vagina. But there is. In fact, there are many types of surgery designed to enhance the look of the vagina, ranging from laser reduction labiaplasty to augmentation labioplasty and vulvar lipoplasty. If you have a less than perfect vagina, it’s no problem. It’s never been easier to perfect your private parts. Enhance your private area with laser surgery that is relatively affordable, quick, and painless. Here’s the lowdown on this designer surgery for aesthetic surgical enhancement and whether it’s the right surgery for you.

Laser reduction labiaplasty: If your labial minora is extremely long or unequal due to aging, injury, or trauma, invest in laser reduction labiaplasty. This quick and painless outpatient procedure is used to reshape the small inner lips according to your desires. For many women, this means making them smaller than the outer lips. If you also want to reduce the excess skin along the clitoris, you can have the same surgery with reduction of excess prepuce.

Augmentation labioplasty: Many women also want to improve the labia majora according to their preferences. If you fall into this category, you can ask for augmentation labioplasty, designed to improve the look of the outer lips by removing fat from other places of the body and transplanting it into the labia majora.

Vulvar lipoplasty: Another type of laser vaginal surgery involves removing unwanted fat from the upper areas of the labia majora and the mons pubis. This surgery is called vulvar lipoplasty. It consists of using liposculpturing to remove the undesirable fatty bulges.

In addition to the designer laser surgeries mentioned above, specialized medical clinics also provide laser vaginal rejuvenation surgery, ideal for women with vaginal relaxation issues. You no longer have to live with private areas you’re unhappy with. Every women deserves to feel beautiful. Make an appointment with a specialist to learn more about the different options according to your needs. Before you invest in laser surgery, make sure to consult your doctor about which type of surgery is right for you.


This article was provided by the Laser Rejuvenation Institute of Michigan. Run by Dr. Berenholz, this experienced medical clinic provides vaginal rejuvenation surgery and labiaplasty in Chicago. To learn more about laser rejuvenation surgery, please visit the website.