Dental negligence

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Dental negligence can change a patient’s life. Therefore, it is important that patients are aware of the complications that can arise from dental procedures. Here are some examples of dental malpractice Los Angeles and their repercussions.

Extractions – Most extractions are completed with no complications. But some can cause the patient to be hospitalized due to complications from the anesthesia. Although usually, permanent injury is rare, there can be some patients who have tears and punctures.

Endodontic procedures – In this instance complications will include instruments left in canals, nerve and sinus perforations, air embolisms, and infections.

Dental implants – Some patients may lose their implants as the implants are deficient to non-existent.

Substandard crown, bridge treatment – Most patients who suffer in this category have open margins, overhanging restorations, and poor occlusion. Often these patients will require full mouth reconstructions.

Orthodontics – Orthodontic negligence involves most patients losing teeth and the patients being seriously affected.

Dental anesthesia complications – Anesthesia complications are most often fatal.

Dental infections – Dental infections can cause brain abscesses and septic arthritis.

Dental injections – Often dentists will hit a nerve, and this can cause injuries within a matter of weeks.

Adverse drug reactions – Dentists will often administer drugs, and this can cause patients to react adversely due to allergies.