Why Contacts Are Good for Athletes

Investing in prescription contact lenses is a solid solution for someone who has an active lifestyle. Whether you compete at a professional level or simply enjoy working up a sweat to stay healthy, contact lenses can help you greatly.


One of the big advantages of using contact lenses over traditional eyeglasses is the fact that you will barely notice them after you have put them on. The lenses will make eye contact but they should not be very noticeable. This is great for someone who will be moving around a lot, such as running at a park or doing calisthenics exercises at your favorite gym. Even slight head movements or the accumulation of sweat can shift your glasses around.


One of the benefits of wearing contact lenses that may not immediately come to mind is the degree of safety they come with. Some sports, such as rugby or American football, are naturally very physical and players frequently bump into one another. Other sports, such as volleyball and cross country, tend to not have much contact between competitors. Regardless, there is still a possibility that someone can get hit in the face. This can cause your eyeglasses to break and potentially hurt you. Broken glass from the lenses can be particularly dangerous, especially if it is close to your eyes. Contacts from Lens.com will help keep you safe from these threats.

The soft and flexible nature of contact lenses is safe for athletes to keep in their eyes, even when competing in the most physical and dangerous sports.