Clean Your Air for Better Health

When you think about staying healthy this winter, you may be focusing on taking vitamin D to make up for the lack of sun you’re getting. Most of us all bundle up nice and tight to keep warm and give our immune systems a fighting chance against the cold and flu. There are a number of other things we do, but almost everyone turns their furnace on to stay nice and warm. Besides how great this feels, it can also help our immune system fight off disease.

The problem is that our furnaces can also be causing us a lot of harm. Think about how a furnace works for a moment. It’s more than just flipping a switch, you know.

But when you do hit that switch, your furnace sucks in air and heats it before pumping it into your home’s air ducts where it can be distributed to everyone inside.

Unfortunately, this air can be dirty. And without a home air filter working properly, the result can be that this dirty air gets redistributed throughout the home. If you notice a harder time breathing or increased allergies, it’s possible you’re already suffering the effects.

This year when you go to crank the heat, be sure you have an electrostatic furnace filter attached to the furnace first. That way you’ll stay warm and healthier too.


Article submitted by Your Filter Connection.  The company sells all kinds of home air filters for your furnace and air conditioning systems. Brands include Honeywell and 3M filters.