Can Drivers with Bipolar Disorder Have Their License Suspended in California?

Article by Delta Driving School

The California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is responsible for ensuring that all drivers maintain an adequate level of skill and knowledge to safely operate a motor vehicle. In addition, the DMV is also responsible for making sure California drivers maintain a proper level of physical and mental health.

The California DMV is deeply woven into the fabric of our society and therefore may receive information that a driver has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. There are several ways the DMV could be made aware of a driver’s bipolar condition, including:

Medical professionals who discover the issue

Law enforcement officers who learn of the issue while contacting a driver

Family members who believe the person should not be driving

Friends who believe the person is not safe to drive

Anonymous tipsters

Regardless of where the DMV’s tip originates from, the department has the authority to investigate into the matter. There are a few courses of action the DMV may take depending upon the severity of the allegations. The DMV could either:

Take no action

Direct the driver to participate in the re-examination process

Suspend the driver’s license and offer a hearing

Drivers are entitled to demonstrate that their mental illness is stable and that they are safe for driving. However, if the DMV Hearing Officer determines there is the slightest chance a driver’s use of medications or bipolar condition affects their ability to drive, the license will be suspended, and a hearing will follow.

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