5 Ways to add more hours to the day

24 hours is all anyone will get in one day. With so many people living busy lives and juggling, work, family, and a busy social life, finding time in your day can be difficult. Here are five tips that will help you get more from your day.

Television – TV can take up a large part of your day. Although not watching TV may not be an option, try reducing your TV time to an hour or two a day.

Internet – The internet is now replacing television and takes up a lot of our time. Look at halving your usage for 2 to 3 weeks. Less time on the internet will give you at least 2 hours extra in your day.

Games – Games such as World of Warcraft can take up a lot of your time and leave you with less time and an even smaller social life. Cut back your gaming hours by choosing to play only on the weekends.

E-mail – People are now expected to be reachable throughout the day. Therefore workplaces expect their employees to check and respond to emails even when they are not on work time. Look at checking your email twice or thrice a day and once on your off days.

Work – Cutting back on work can be difficult as everyone needs money to pay for necessities and enjoy a comfortable life. Look for freelancing work options that will give you the opportunity to work from home or from anywhere in the world. Working from home is a great way to reduce on other expenses like child care, cleaning services, which will increase your total income.