5 tips that will boost your immunity

Article written by Get your body healthy

medicineline june 2016Your immune system is a complex system that if manage correctly will provide you with the energy and enthusiasm to do the things you enjoy doing. However, your immune system works on the health of your overall lifestyle and therefore if one area suffers neglect, chances are your immunity will suffer, causing you to get ill fast. Here are 5 tips that will boost your immunity.

Meditation – Meditation is a great way to manage stress and quieten your mind for a few minutes a day. A meditation practice is a life time habit that can really make a mental and physical difference to your health and wellbeing. By meditating your stress levels will slow down, balancing your gut bacteria and making your immune cells less aggressive.

Stay connected – Friends and family can help reduce stress, by making you feel loved and supported.

Get a good night’s sleep – If you are sleep deprived, your immune system can become weaker. When trying to improve your sleep, opt for a set sleeping/ wake times and ensure your sleep space has low levels of light and sound.

Diet – A balanced diet, high in vegetables, fruits and lean proteins is key to placing less stress on your immune system. To ensure you receive the right nutrients, include a multi vitamin plus a vitamin D capsule.

Zinc – Zinc is vital for antibody synthesis. Therefore get your weekly fill of shellfish, oysters, seafood, almonds, nuts and seeds, which are high in zinc.