5 Tips for Better Back Health

It’s been said that 70 percent of the general population will have back pain. The only issue with this is that lower back pain remains.

Yet simple changes can help reduce the pain in a big way. Here are 5 tips for better back health:

1: Stop slouching

When you sit in a slumped position, this will stress your ligaments, joints and muscles. In order to avoid this, assume that a string is attached to the crown of your head and that is pulling you straight up. After this, pull your shoulder blades back and tuck your chin in slightly.

2: Stay on the move

If you sit in one place for more than 20 to 30 minutes, then change your position and move. You can also do small things such as stretch your arms, rotate your head, roll your shoulders and even stand up for a small period. This will get the blood pumping into your veins while flushing unwanted toxins out.

medicneline13: Check for ergonomics

For this, get your workstation checked. Among the things to look at, some of them include back support, chair height, keyboard and mouse position, computer screen height as well as the distance from your desk.

4: Stretch as much as possible

You can either lie on your back and roll your legs from side to side. Apart from this, you can try the cat stretch or even the cobra pose. All these exercises will loosen your middle back.

5: Sit on a ball

Doing this will get you to think about your normal sitting posture as well as engage your core muscles. This will also help reduce the strain on your middle and lower back. Without a doubt, this is excellent for office workers.