5 Things Orthopedists do every day for stronger bones

Article written by Weightlos health and wellness

Women often experience osteoporosis after they reach middle age. Research states that one out of every two women will break a bone after 50. Here are some tips that Orthopedists do to ensure that they safeguard their skeleton.

Include calcium in your diet – This may be an obvious fact, but most women will not get the required amount of calcium they need daily. Start off your day with making sure even your cup of coffee is filled with at least 1/3rd of milk. If you don’t like drinking milk you could consume other forms of dairy in the form of yogurt and cheese.

medicinelineReduce your alcohol consumption – Alcohol interferes with your body’s ability to absorb calcium. Therefore, make sure you reduce your intake to a maximum of 2 alcoholic drinks per day.

Do weight-bearing exercise – Doing weight bearing exercise at least 3-5 times a week, will help to maintain and improve your bone health. Start with light weights and gradually increase the weight on a weekly basis. The more you stress your bones, the sooner it will remodel itself.

Stay clear of carbonated and caffeinated drinks – Carbonated and excessively caffeine-heavy drinks have been linked to removing calcium out of bones.

Vitamin D – Vitamin D helps absorption of other vitamins and minerals we consume on a daily basis. You could also include a daily multivitamin to help you get vitamins that you may not get on a daily basis.