5 healthy fast breakfast options

A healthy breakfast is a great way to maintain your weight loss goals throughout a busy day. Making sure you have time to prepare a healthy breakfast on the other hand can be difficult. Here are a few options that will make grabbing breakfast a whole lot easier.


  • Fruit and cheese- this is a easy to assemble quick morning meal. Just cut up an apple, add some chunks of your favourite cheese and toss some nuts, for a filling snack on the go.
  • Energy bars- you could buy the pre-made variety or make your own. Just make sure you look for/ include at least 5 grams of fibre and about 10 grams of protein. Always read the labels to make sure the sugar and salt contents are low.
  • Egg McMuffin- yes you read right, the egg McMuffin is a great choice and only sets you back 300 calories. It is also packed with protein from the egg and the bacon. Plus it tastes great.
  • Cereal – Cereal is a great easy option. Make sure you choose the high fibre, low sugar varieties like weetbix or bran flakes. Eat your cereal with low fat milk or a milk alternative, like almond or soy milk. You could also add yoghurt, fresh fruit or nuts to up the fibre content.
  • Boiled eggs- Boiled eggs are easy to prepare beforehand and eat on the go. They are a great way to get your daily protein and stay full. To add texture to your meal, you could include some sticks of cheese, crackers and grapes.