5 Headache triggers to avoid

With the temperatures rising, people are known to experience more headaches. Headaches can put a damper of family functions, holidays and weekends. Here are 5 triggers that can cause you to experience a headache.

Skipping meals – Skipping meals can cause your blood pressure to fall and this can result in a hormonal change that can cause a headache. An easy way to avoid this type of headache is to plan your meals at least a day in advance. If you prefer eating smaller meals, look at eating three main meals and three It is also better to eat at a set time every day as hunger pangs can cause headaches.

Flowers and perfume – Strong smells can bring on a headache, as the smell can cause the blood vessels in the nasal passages to get inflamed. If you think your headache is due to your perfume, go fragrance-free or switch to a milder fragrance.

Caffeine – Too much coffee can result in a bad headache. To avoid caffeine related headaches, limit your intake to two cups per day or switch to tea instead.

Technology – Staring at a screen can cause your brain’s blood vessels to get inflamed. Invest in screen protectors to cut glare and improve your posture to reduce neck tension.

Ponytails – Headbands or tight braids can pull and strain your scalp causing muscle and nerve tension that causes headaches. If your hairdo is the reason for your headaches, choose loose hairdos or leave your hair down as much as possible.