4 Unhealthy Vegan Foods

For a number of dieters, going vegan almost always relates to being healthy. But this isn’t always the case since there are a number of foods that contain a lot of calories despite not having meat or animal products as a part of their ingredients.

That said, here are 4 unhealthy vegan foods that won’t help you:

#1: Fake Meat

Fake meat usually contains nutritionally empty preservatives, processed oils, preservatives and artificial ingredients. Sometimes, th veggie patties used have far less protein and more calories than beef patties itself. So, it’s important to only eat plant protein such as tofu, nuts, lentils, seeds and beans.

medicineline2#2: Vegan Dessert

Vegan dessert is said to be worse than their usual egg and butter vrsions and the reason for this is because it contains pectins, gums and starches to replace the aforementioned ingredients. Unfortunately, they contain more calories and carbohydrates as well. This is why it is important to read the ingredients list.

#3: White Bread & Pastas

One of the common errors that occur when one switches to a vegan diet is to eat refined grains. However, this never works since it isn’t a good idea to replace meat with simple carbohydrates which is available in pastas and white breads. Instead, choose whole wheat grains pasta, quinoa, barley and farro that offer protein.

#4: Frozen Vegan Meals

It doesn’t matter whether these frozen meals contain meat, cheese or vegetables. They still contain additives, preservatives and salt. As a rule, it’s important to consume meals that contain real ingredients while the first type of food to avoid is one that contains artificial sweeteners. Only look for meals with beans, whole grains and vegetables.