3 Tips to Gaining Muscle Mass

It can be frustrating to not make gains in the gym. Some people work out hard in the gym doing a number of exercises.

When performing countless reps and sets do not work, then people resort to gimmicks, cheating and worst still, drugs.

You don’t need to do this. Here are 3 tips to gaining muscle mass:

1: Increase Your Protein Inmedicineline2take

No matter what, make sure you double or triple protein intake. It should be the top food that you opt for. Also don’t believe myths that say you can only ingest 20 to 30 grams of protein or have it in small doses everyday. Actually, you should increase your protein intake twice or thrice. Of course, you’re taking a gram of protein for every pound, then don’t increase it anymore.

2: Do Compound Exercises

It’s preferred to try exercises that hit the most number of muscles. Some of these include squats, rows, deadlifts, overhead and bench presses. Of course, you can always add isolation exercises to build your ‘vanity’ muscles. Also, don’t make too many exercise changes. The best way to gain muscle is by getting good at one exercise and then increasing weight.

3: Sleep For More Than 7 Hours Every Night

The simplest reason for this is sleeping helps your body build muscle. This is because when you sleep, your growth hormone levels increases. This will help in muscle growth and recovery. Alternatively, not sleeping increases cortisol levels. This will make it harder for you to gain muscle apart from losing weight too. Make sure you rest. It’s as important as your workouts and meals.