3 Simple Ways To Increase Physical Activities

Regardless of the size or shape of a person, an increase in physical activities has shown to contribute to extending the life of the individual. Physical activities should not necessarily just be carried out in the gym. One of the most effective ways of adding physical activities as a daily routine would be the increase the amount of low intensity activities performed throughout a day.

  1. Taking the stairs

Going up two floors or less might be better done by taking the stairs. The same would be applicable if you have to go down about three floors or less. If you feel that the distance is tiring at first, you might consider taking the stairs for just a few flights and then using the elevator for the rest. This healthy decision might contribute significantly to your long term health.

  1. Drink plenty of water

Drinking copious amounts of water throughout the day would require walking to the washroom at least once an hour. While water in itself is beneficial to the health, walking regularly rather than staying at a desk for hours on end could bring enormous benefits to your overall health. To make it even more difficult, you might opt for use the washroom that is located the furthest to your desk.

  1. Park as far from the front door as possible

Sometimes opportunities to take a walk are limited. To boost the distance walk, you might consider parking as far as possible for the mall, school or work. This will only add a few seconds or minutes of walk but by doing it everyday, you will be contributing to improving your health.