3 Signs That Suggest The Need For a Digital Detox

We’ve all been there. Checking Facebook from time to time, reading articles on our favorite topics or even listening to music online.

This steady stream of information has its downside. For starters, you might not be able to focus given all the distractions that are available.

And these distractions keep growing by the day. It bodes well to take some time off for a digital detox even if you aren’t sure.

Here are 3 signs that indicate that it’s time for a digital detox:

medicineline21: Short Attention Span

Multitasking online is actually negative towards cognitive function. Too much mental juggling can affect your ability to filter information. This can also stop one from relating to others in a manner that is deemed necessary.

So, how does one build their attention span and ability to focus? Online games is the answer, apparently. You can use it as a type of reward for completing long tasks offline.

2: Cannot Make Up Your Mind

Relying on your smartphone is associated with lesser problem-solving and analytical skills. So, it isn’t a good idea to be able to access contacts, games, applications, navigation and texts immediately. Experts recommend that you keep your mind active throughout your Life. This can be achieved by playing mind games widely available. This is even if we have access to Google at any given point.

3: Bump Into Things Regularly

Neurological changes occur due to an internet addiction. In other words, shrinkage of the brain’s gray matter and atrophy take places. This can affect planning and organizing. Spotty white matter is also seen in these scans and can affect connections between the body and the brain. One indication of this is when you type as you walk. Almost 61 percent of users go off course when you are typing and walking simultaneously.