3 foods to give-up after 40

Article written by Best Fat burning guide

Eating healthy is important at any age, however, after the age of 40, good nutrition is the key to fighting disease. Apart from this eating the right food at this age, will keep you feeling energized and refreshed, which is needed to age gracefully. Here, are 3 foods that you should give up after 40.

Refined Carbs – Refined carbs will rapidly raise your blood sugar and rapid sugar spikes followed by a cash, will leave you hungry and tired. Stay away or limit foods like rice, bread, sugary sweets and pasta. Opt for slow carbs like oats, potatoes, quinoa and healthy grains.

medicinelineFatty Dairy – Dairy is a good choice to boost your calcium and keep your body healthy and strong. However, full fat versions of dairy can be harmful after the age of 40, because it can increase cholesterol levels and contribute to heart disease. Dairy has also been known to cause inflammation in the gut and can trigger cancer cell generation in some studies. Stay away from full fat dairy with added sugars and flavoring, like flavoured yoghurts, milk and ice creams. Instead choose non fat version with no added sugars.

Diet Sodas – Sugary sodas can cause problems at any age. However, choosing to drink them in your 40s can cause tooth enamel eroding and increase cavities. Sodas can also increase the acid levels in your gut, slowing digestion and causing bloating. Choose sparkling or still waters with added natural fruit flavouring with no added sugars.