3 Foods That Improve A Woman’s Overall Well-Being

Even though women’s health is a topic of much discussion, what isn’t thought of is a woman’s well-being.

The latter is nothing but an intersection between physical and mental health with the intention of finding harmony between the two.

Since diet and exercise play an important role in regulating health, let’s look at 3 foods that can help you stay in both mental and physical shape:

1: Walnuts

Containing protein, fiber, minerals, vitamins and omega-3s, walnuts contain all the nutrients that you could wish for in a food. Consuming them daily can offer several benefits. Some of them include fighting cancer, sleeping better, preventing heart disease, lowering cholesterol and boosting brain power. It is excellent as an addition to your breakfast too.


2: Red Beans

There are a number of health benefits associated with red beans. Given a number of nutrients that have been found in red beans such as protein, fiber, resistant starch and folate minerals, this shouldn’t come as a real surprise either. Just resistant starch offers several benefits such as reducing cancer risk, controlling blood sugars and burning fat too. There are many ways in which you can consume red beans be it with rice or even with soup.

3: Broccoli

This is a veggie that reminds them of their childhood and their mothers telling them to eat it even if they didn’t like it so much. Without a doubt, it can make a real difference to your diet. One immediate benefit is that it prevents breast cancer by curbing excess estrogen. Potassium, vitamin C, fiber, vitamin A, folic acid, iron, and calcium are some of the nutrients found in this veggie too. Best part: you can enjoy it in a number of ways too.