3 Bad Habits to Consider Giving Up

Almost everyone is aware of the basic habits that are necessary to lead a healthy life.

However, and as time goes by, bad habits creep in and that can happen without your knowledge sometimes. It’s a good idea to consider letting these habits go as they prove to be beneficial.

Having said that, here are 3 bad habits to consider giving up:

#1: Holding Grudges

Being able to let go of a grudge can benefit you both physically and emotionally since it lifts that weight off your shoulders. Of course, this does not mean you condone their behavior but you in doing so, don’t look back in regret but think about what needs to be done now.

medicineline1#2: Drinking beer or wine every night

The refreshing feeling that you get from having a beer or a glass of wine might be great but it is only temporary. While it may also put you to sleep, there’s a good chance that you might wake up at around 2 AM. This disruption of sleep can ruin the workday a few hours later. It’s better to go for an evening walk or bike ride instead.

#3: Staying connected all the time

Some of us like to stay connected to our email or even Facebook throughout. This does not help with sleep. The reason for this is the bright blue light on your phone or tablet that suppresses the release of melatonin – a hormone that triggers sleepiness. Make sure you turn off all electronics at least an hour before going to bed.