3 Aspects of Meditation That Can Help You Relieve Stress

Almost 42 percent of adults have admitted to suffering from more stress over the last five years. The inability to sleep has become a public health issue. Without a doubt, more and more people are looking to minimize stress in their lives.

Meditation and mindfulness have been around for centuries but it’s only in recent times that it has found acceptance and popularity too.

medicineline1Of course, there’s no one definition as to what this mindfulness and meditation means. Yet a common way to calm your mind is to sit in a place and keeping your attention on breathing in order to connect with the present moment.

Yes, your mind is going to wander but you will have to make an effort to bring it back. As one practitioner puts it, meditation is a combination of intention and awareness.

Here are 3 things that she discovered during meditating that can relieve stress:

1: Slowing down regularly

Even if there was a lot to do, ensuring that you spend time to practice resulted in slowing down and doing nothing. In fact, scheduling it as an event in the calendar also ensured that there was a certain amount of time set aside each day.

2: Avoiding Judgments

According to this practitioner, she believes that all thoughts are treated equally in meditation. It doesn’t matter what the content of the thoughts that arises during a meditation session as she acknowledges it and concentrates on her breath. The point is to come back.

3: She has gotten acquainted with her body and mind. Not only was she able to notice patterns of thoughts but also gauge how her body was ‘feeling’ too. Most of all, she finds that her mind feel clearer after a meditation session too.