Celebrities and Millionaires Now Using Meditation to Create Abundance

Sometimes we all seem to live in a little shell of our own making. We have things set a certain way inside our world. How can you broaden your horizons? To begin, schedule time for calm and silence every day. The brain has a built-in mechanism for resetting and re-balancing itself. Give this system an opportunity to work. In the book, Create Abundance by Zhang Xinyue, the author offers a good amount of information about meditation and wisdom.

When we allow ourselves to stay under pressure, putting up with noise and tension, and never taking a break to unwind, we become counterproductive. At least twice a day, sit in a peaceful spot with your eyes closed for a few minutes. Allow yourself to re-center and practice meditation. There are a dozen or more types of meditation. Try them all.

Meditate on ways to enlarge your complete life by increasing your awareness. Realize this! People tend to constrict and withdraw inside themselves when they are in a negative situation. This leads to isolation, which exacerbates feelings of lack and loss. You may not feel that you should burden others, and everyone wants to maintain their dignity. And yet, we’ve all faced adversity and loss, persevered through the anguish, and eventually triumphed.

Zhang Xinyue includes this tip in her book, Create Abundance:

“Growth rather than wealth is the biggest task for our soul. The most significant thing for our lives is growth. All life is in the processing of growing.”